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Broker Data Extract Authorization Form
For NOCBOR Extract

I hereby authorize Realcomp II Ltd. to provide my firm's listings (including but not limited to any photographs, images, graphics, audio and video recordings, virtual tours, drawings, descriptions, remarks, narratives, pricing information, and other details or information), and office and agent information (which is part of Realcomp II Ltd.’s copyrighted MLS compilation) to NOCBOR for inclusion in NOCBOR'S applications and services as provided to my firm and my firm's clients.

By completing this form, I represent that I have been authorized to grant Realcomp the aforementioned license of listing, office and agent information.

In no event or under any circumstances shall Realcomp, its affiliates or authorized subcontractors be liable to NOCBOR for damages of any kind whatsoever, including but not limited to direct loss of profits, individual, incidental, consequential, punitive or special damages arising from this Authorization.

I hereby indemnify, defend and hold harmless Realcomp II, Ltd. and their officers, directors, managers, agents, affiliates, subcontractors, employees, participants and subscribers from any and all third party loss, damage, claim of damage, liabilities or expenses, including reasonable attorneys’ fees and litigation costs and expenses, resulting from this Authorization.

I realize that I can withdraw my authorization at any time by contacting Realcomp in writing. I acknowledge that my completion and submission of this form constitutes an electronic signature under the Michigan Uniform Electronic Transactions Act and as such this Authorization shall be binding on me and shall otherwise be of full force and effect.